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Mentorship Program

Aiming to perpetuate greater connections between new entrepreneurs and seasoned investors, we are proud to present a project years in the making. The Wayne Brown Institute’s Mentorship Program is geared toward helping startups prepare and succeed in raising money from investors.

For a $50 fee, companies in our Mentorship Program will:
  • Be able to submit an Executive Summary of 2-8 pages
  • Receive a one-page feedback sheet from our Deal Evaluation Team
  • Learn and improve upon what they need to be fundable
  • Get access to our award-winning entrepreneurial profileer
  • Be pre-screened for presentation in our Deal Forum and Investor's Choice® events that include face-to-face mentoring with a pre-selected mentoring team of venture professionals and investors

In the past three years WBI mentors have helped 72 alumni companies have raise over $300 million in funding. You could be next.

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$49.99 (USD)
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